The business training you didn't get in dental school.

A customized program focused on the business of dentistry…virtually, in the comfort of your home or office.

What you'll Learn

Clarity & Focus

Understand where it is you want to go, so you can make a plan to get there. Filter out the noise and figure out your priorities.

Goal Setting

Set your short term and long term goals in a way that will keep you motivated and energized. Identify and celebrate every success throughout your journey.

Leadership 101

Learn how to encourage, empower and energize your team to create a culture that speaks to your brand and breeds success.

Overcome Burnout

How to manage stress and avoid overwhelm. Balance the work with the reward to ease tension and come back every day ready for what's next.

Brand Building

Learn to develop marketing strategies that communicate your passion and care to your patients and prospective patients.

Get Patients to "YES"

Be confident and courageous in your case presentations. Learn the skills to communicate your expertise and earn your patients' trust.

About BPM

While growing her dental practice, Dr. Nada Albatish realized there was very important piece missing from her dental school education–the business, leadership and entrepreneur skills you need to be successful. Brilliant Practice Master Class was created to fill the gap. These monthly custom sessions give dentists the tools, motivation, and inspiration they need to make a profit, manage stress, lead a team, and elevate their practice. BPM’s founder went outside of dentistry to find the answers to her questions and she has now curated the solutions to share with other dentists. Members will get access to monthly live webinars and their recordings, an exclusive study group of like-minded peers, and direct access to Dr. Albatish, a noted successful leader in both dentistry and business.

About the Director

Learn from an expert who has achieved business success

Dr. Nada Albatish

Clinical Faculty

Dr. Nada Albatish owns and operates a multi-disciplinary practice All Smiles Dental Centre just north of Toronto. As a consummate learner, Dr. Albatish has committed herself to advanced continuing education, first by completing a GPR residency immediately out of dental school, followed by hundreds of hours of CE each year.

Dr. Albatish’s love for complex and rehabilitative dentistry, has focused her work and earned distinction in the industry and among her peers. She is honored to serve as Faculty for Clinical Mastery Series.

As a speaker, author and key opinion leader, Dr Albatish is inspired by helping her fellow dentists to achieve excellence, predictability and confidence in their craft. She acts as a mentor and support system for clinicians around North America and is incredibly committed to the success of others and to the advancement of the dental profession at large.


“This is THE course to take if you want to learn all things business in dentistry. I’ve taken this course as an associate working for my father, knowing I’ll buy into or inherit his practices one day. I needed a course like this to learn what was otherwise never taught to me in school.

The fact that Dr. Nada Albatish was teaching it was the cherry on top. In the 12-month duration of the course, I was able to navigate my own values and finally articulate my “why.” I learned how to build a loyal team, evaluate my strengths and limiting beliefs, get patients to say YES, and have the systems in place to do it all. Marketing, PNLs, expansion, virtual consults–what didn’t we cover??

Dr. Nada Albatish’s Brilliant Practice Mastermind course is it. I left every single lecture inspired and ready to take on the world. I learned to value my dentistry and my time, and to stop selling myself and my work short. It was life-changing.

Thank you to Dr. Albatish and the Clinical Mastery team for giving me the confidence I needed. Highly highly recommend!”

Radmila Shuminov, DDS

Dr. Nada Rodriguez

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Brilliant Practice Master Class - COVID Resources

Dr. Nada Albatish shares her resources for post Covid resources for practice success.


  • Mobile check-in protocol
  • Covid flow chart based on symptoms
  • Treatment and clinical protocols
  • Sample Covid consent
  • Covid Success strategy

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